We want to tell you about splitting.  Bamboo will naturally adapt to its environment, and sometimes it will form a split in the tube.

This is a natural process like a custom timber-framed home in the mountains or a leather saddle breaking in after thousands of miles.  It’s something we limit with our post-harvest treatment process and by using the finest bamboo in the world, but it’s definitely common and NOT a structural concern in the least.  The reason is because when a split occurs the bamboo’s super-strong fibers all remain intact.

However while splits are normal and may occur, it is important to seal the splits from the elements to keep moisture from penetrating the frame and causing larger issues (and voiding your frame’s warranty).

If you have a split, call us at (970) 444-2228 or email us at info@boobicycles.com and we’ll send you a repair kit.  It consists of wood filler, clear coat, and various sand papers.  Please see the video below to learn how to properly seal a split on your frame.