Family & Friends Program

What is the Boo Family and Friends Program?  It’s exactly what you think it is–discounts for our Boo family and friends to thank them for their continued support!

March 4th, 2008 was the day James first emailed Nick after seeing his school-project bamboo frame and offered to collaborate using this special Tam Vong bamboo.  Close to a decade later, we are a small and dedicated team using this amazing natural material to hand-build amazing custom performance bicycles for customers all around the world.

We know one thing for sure–we wouldn’t be here today without the ongoing support of our Boo family and friends.  We’re introducing the Boo Family & Friends Program as a small token of our appreciation.

10% Family Discount

If you are a Boo customer, having purchased a bike either directly from us or a Boo authorized dealer, we’d like to extend you a 10% discount on all future purchases.  Discount also available to Ride The Rockies/Pedal the Plains participants.

5% ‘Bring a Friend’ Discount

Love your Boo, but not looking to N+1 the stable right now?  Recommend us to a friend and we’ll give them a 5% discount, and you a finder’s fee or a credit towards your next Boo purchase.

Pro Purchase Program

Are you an employee or professional of the outdoor industry?  A nonprofit organization related to cycling or the outdoors?  A local racer or team?  You may qualify for our Pro Purchase Program, which offers discounts to qualified pros, influencers, and organizations specific to the Boo brand.


Interested?  Please contact us!