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The X-Series likes it dirty.

The Aluboo X-Series is the weapon of choice when the pavement disappears. Set it up for all-out speed and prepare to get heckled with calls of “BOO!” as you rip the ‘cross course.

Alternatively, set the X-Series up as a gravel-grinding machine, with a longer wheelbase courtesy of our custom slider dropouts and some 35c tires.

If you want a jack of all trades, this is the bike for you. Rather than limiting yourself to race-day performance or all-day comfort, the X-Series excels them both. With its bamboo and aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frame the X-Series floats through rough conditions, thanks to stiffness and vibration-damping of our Tam Vong bamboo.

With the X-Series, you’ll be surprised how much speed you can carry more speed into corners, as the bamboo’s torsional compliance helps your tires hook up in loose and inconsistent the terrain.

Gravel grinding is really where this bike shines.  Set up with a standard road BB drop, the X-Series will sink into loose turns.  The bamboo absorbs the endless vibrations of the road surface, instead of transmitting them through your arms, legs, and back.

This bike is engineered with versatility in mind.  With sliding, interchangeable dropouts, the X-Series can be run with disc brakes and 135mm rear spacing, or with an Alfine and Gates carbon belt drive for the ultimate end-of-days adventure rig.

Change up the cable routing with removable stops and guides.  If you live in the NE or NW, run fully-housed cables and you’ll never again be without shifting or braking capabilities… and your mechanic will love you. Slide the dropouts all the way back for a longer rear-center and maximum tire clearance, and you’ll find the ride even more stable and predictable. Upgrade to a carbon cross disc fork and save some weight while stiffening up the steering. The options are endless.

The X-Series is built with a 68mm English threaded BB–we wanted to make life simple and cheap, should you ride this bike like you’re supposed to. Watch those cranks spin like they used to back in the days of the square taper! And run a standard, 1-1/8″ external threadless headset and relish the supple steering. The X-Series is a serious rig for serious riders, engineered to perform at excellently, no matter what is thrown at it.


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  1. Don Reichelt

    This bike looks as good as it rides. Never had a bike ride so well, and get complimented so often. And yes, I’ve found out recently that people really do “BOOOOOO” you in the cross course when they see this beauty rolling by!

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