March 8, 2013

Boo video throwback!

by Nick Frey

Yes it’s about that time…just like any awesome band who’s still making hits, but is proud of what they’ve done, we are doing a Greatest Hits of sorts. Spring is in the air, the roads are cleaning up, the trails are drying out, and we are itching to go ride our bikes.

YouTube is the best!

YouTube is the best!

Check out all the awesome Boo snippets, interviews, races, and just plane riding videos below…then buckle those shoes, click your heels twice, and saddle up buttercup–it’s time to pedal!

Building a Boo

Boo 29er: Stiff, Light, Smooth…Even When You Aren’t!
Boo 29er: Stiff, Light, Smooth (Park City, Utah)
Boo 29er: Along the Shoreline

Boo RS-R: 2012 CSU Oval Criterium W!
Boo RS-R: 2012 Boulder Roubaix
Boo RS-R: 2012 Quad Cities Criterium Fly-by

Tyler Wren: 2011 UCI LA Cyclocross
Tyler Wren: 2011 UCI Boulder Cyclocross
Tyler Wren: 2010 Cyclocross National Championships (Bend, Oregon)

NAHBS 2012: Road Bike Review RS-R Di2
NAHBS 2012: Road Bike Review RS-M 29er SS
NAHBS 2011: Road Bike Review Introduction