January 19, 2013

Velo Buyer’s Guide spread on the Boo RS-X Disc!

by Nick Frey

This is huge for little Boo…we gave the editor of Velo, Chris Case, a sick Boo RS-X Disc to train on for a week in Boulder.  No obligations, no strings…just hope that he would dig it.

Apparently he did, as did Brad Kaminski.  They shot her in Denver, described her talents, wrote eloquently of her beauty…if she was my girlfriend I would have been jealous.

Thanks guys!  We will just keep making cooler bikes, and I’m excited to have more of them appear in Velo and be put to the test!



Then check out the latest new Boo CO Tees, hot off the press!  They will be available starting at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver, Feb 22-24.  If you don’t get one there, they may be gone…forever!!  MUAH HA HA

If you didn't know, we are all about CO

If you didn’t know, we are all about CO