October 12, 2011

Tyler 7th at Providence C1!

by Nick Frey

For those who’ve not heard from me for a while, there’s a good reason: we’ve been scrambling to get Tyler Wren’s A and B race bikes dialed in! Cyclocross season snuck up on us after a long, hard road season, but some awesome sponsors have come through to help us create what I’m proud to say are the fastest, most refined Boo Cross bikes to date.


Check out the Facebook gallery from both of their races. As you can see, we’ve lined up a list of the best sponsors in the entire industry to make sure the Boo bikes drop jaws as quickly as they’re pedaled! Every company we work with makes products which I buy myself, because they’re the best designed and performing pieces available–I’m happy to preach the gospel because I’m a believer 🙂


Cane Creek
Clif Bar
Challenge Tires
Chris King
Enve Composites


Corey Collier and Lara Kroepsch are joining Tyler as the newest Boo Crossers, and while Tyler was shredding Providence, Corey was blowing out the cobwebs at Fort Collins’ own New Belgium Cup. After driving from GRAND JUNCTION on Friday, gluing tubulars and building bikes Friday evening and Saturday, he raced for the first time in over a year on Sunday. In a USGP ‘cross race. At altitude.


Yes, I’m actively searching for a motivated psychiatrist.


Corey is now on a crazy journey to Brazil for a mountain bike stage race, where he’ll be working to raise awareness for Light Gives Heat, a charity very near and dear to him and his fiance Lara. They’re racing for more than results, and I’m proud to have them on Boo.


While I’m working on getting a few words from him on Sunday’s New Belgium Cup, Tyler has a bit to say about his Providence trip:


As usual during the labor-intensive ‘cross season, it was a whirlwind of assembly and prep getting all our sponsors’ equipment built up on the two new Boo frames. It all came together just in time for my trip to the UCI C1 & C2 weekend in Providence, and the bikes debuted flawlessly. I was battling for the podium both days, and, despite some crashes caused by pilot error, still managed a great top ten result in the more prestigious C1 event. The Boo ‘cross rigs are evolving phenomenally well. The new head tubes and bottom bracket areas are as stiff and track as well as an oversized aluminum frame, but the bikes retain that amazing bamboo compliance over the rough terrain. The weekend gave me enormous confidence in this year’s bikes and, with the cobwebs blown out, I’m looking forward to battling again for the podiums in Boulder at the end of the month.


The next big race weekend on tap for Boo is October 29/30 in Boulder. Tyler’s flying in, photog-extraordinair Chris See is flying in, and Corey and Lara and I will be the local yocals. It’s going to be real! So stay tuned–same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!