February 22, 2014

Three Weeks Til NAHBS

by Douglas Ansel

In an industry speeding towards economies of scale and mass-produced carbon frames, the custom framebuilder can seem a relic of the past, harkening back to the olden days of lugged steel frames. Custom gave way to cost effective offerings or “standard” race bikes costing over ten grand. But Richard Sachs, Craig Calfee, and their contemporaries – including Boo! – are far from sidelined. In three weeks time, Charlotte, North Carolina, will be besieged by bicycles and enthusiasts as the tenth annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) kicks off on March 14. And, for the fifth year in a row, Boo Bicycles will be there.

We’ve been attending NAHBS since 2010 when we were still in our infancy. As the years have progressed, we have had more and more unique products to showcase in front of the show’s over 7,000 attendees. Last year, we won the award for Best Alternative Material with our artistic melding of titanium and bamboo in the Glissando townie. And this year, we have ever more interesting things to show off! Over the next two weeks we will have sneak peeks of the tried and true Boo showings as well as new offerings that will be on display. For a little hint at what might be on the way…

IMG_7364 snippet

Have you ever thought that one ridge line a few miles away from the road would be perfect to climb? And then to ski down?? But, it’s miles away, and who wants to trudge two hours through the snow to do even something as fun as what’s in store there?


Now, imagine that there were a way to carry your gear over to that ridge…


A really good looking way to carry your gear. Come on, does it get more classy than brushed aluminum and bamboo?


Now just think of all the fun you could be having…


The BooBus Maximus will make its way to Charlotte with plenty of bikes inside, but that won’t be the only stop! NAHBS is just the first stop of an almost month long trip up the east coast with demo stops at potential dealers everywhere from North Carolina to New York. We will be at the Tour of Battenkill with a full expo setup and some of our bikes in one of America’s most storied races. With so many stops, the odds of getting a chance to demo some of our tricked out bamboo steeds and see our new goodies are good!