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August 11, 2016

Bikepacking the Great Divide

by Drew Haugen

Bikepacking From New Mexico to Canada along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Words and Photos by Mat Thompson Edited by Drew Haugen   In January of 2015 I decided I wanted to try out a fat bike. A close friend had just purchased one, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I rolled into a … Read More »

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August 13, 2015

Adventures in Bikepacking: Overnight of Timber Trail

by Drew Haugen

Words and images by Adam Blake One of my favorite overnights is climbing to the top of Timber Trail in Lory State Park.  The route is challenging, forcing you to hike, bike, and trudge your way to the top.  The entire trip is about 35 miles and has about 3,000 ft of elevation gain; 2600 up to the top.  I’ve … Read More »

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February 26, 2015

Alubooyah Wins 2015 Fat Bike Nationals!

by Drew Haugen

Words by Adam Blake On February 14th, 2015 USA Cycling hosted the first inaugural Fat-Bike National Championships in Ogden Utah, at Powder Mountain resort.  At 9,000 feet the racers lined up for either two or three laps of a six-mile course.  Swooping down long bermed sections, racers navigated a speedy downhill first half, and were greeted with a nice, long, … Read More »

Customer Guest Blog: Mike Loots

December 23, 2014

Customer Guest Blog: Mike Loots

by Drew Haugen

Words by Mike Loots.  View a gallery of his bike HERE The myth cycles of Eastern Asia are abounding in bamboo-spirit stories. Haunted groves and enchanted stalks bring luck, libido and a balance of grace and power to those who know well the nuances of this giant evergreen grass. The Alubooyah is no less legendary than the plant from which it … Read More »