July 22, 2011

Pro Bike: Brad Cole’s rigid belt-drive Boo 29er

by Nick Frey

Just racing Burke’s new Crusher in the Tushar takes some serious cajones, or at least a momentary lapse in one’s sanity.


But to race for 80 miles, up over 10,000ft of vert, with just a single gear?  I was getting ready to call up Nurse Ratchet when Brad told me this plan.  Maybe some old-school therapy would help dissuade him.


It turns out Nurse isn’t really practicing anymore, so Brad had his way–and with great success!  He took a dominant win in the Crusher’s singlespeed category (yes, apparently there were others who had fallen off the deep end), coming in top-15 in the overall top men’s division to boot!


So, what steed helped him perform this masochistic, sadistic, demented, tormented act?  A fully-rigid, belt-driven bamboo-carbon mountain bike with 29″ road bike wheels and tubulars.


At least he had brakes!


Now feast your eyes on the gallery of a madman’s bicycle.  And reflect on the famous words (many times the *last* words): “If you’re gonna go, go all in!”