January 1, 2013

Skyler’s “BOO me!” ‘cross campaign leaps over the pond!

by Nick Frey


For those Boo customers who have not heard of Skyler Trujillo, he’s a young man who rides bikes off-road very very fast.  At just 20 years of age, he’s been on Elite Men’s podiums after duking it out with other high-calibur riders, and he’s been a star in the Fort Collins and Colorado scenes for a while now.


Skyler had a brilliant performance at the State Championships, storming to third place in the Elite Men!


In the past, he’s been more focused on the summer MTB season.  This year, after some brilliant racing and earning the honor of riding for the United States at the World Championship Cross Country Mountain Bike race in July, he has carried his form through to the ‘cross season.  He has two Boo RS-X Disc ‘cross rigs, decked out with a full compliment of Enve Composites tubular 29er wheels, Enve bar/stem, and Sram Force 1×10 drivetrain for reliability.


Check out a gallery of Skyler’s amazing third overall Elite Men in the CO State Championships!


Skyler just finished up his “BOO me!” campaign over in Europe–this slogan is one which has become quite popular in the ‘cross world.  Normally heckling and cheering in cyclocross are one in the same, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  But as Skyler has been cheered by so many screaming “BOO!” he’s turned it into a positive, a calling card of sorts.  Whether lead riders hear “BOO!” and know Skyler’s charging up from behind, or he’s off the front with no hope of being caught, he’s encouraged all fans to, “BOO me!”.


Muddy buddy! Apparently the Boo RS-X Disc with Challenge Fangos mounted to Enve Composites tubular 29er wheels passed the test with flying colors.


After a brutal few races in Belgium and Northern Europe, he is coming back home to Colorado to rest up and be ready to rock the U-23 National Championships in just two weeks in Madison, Wisconsin.  He had this to say about his experience:


The Boo’s preformed great and at each race they got more exposure than during my entire US season. People loved them and wouldn’t leave me alone about them, even on the start line. I even got a few groups to start BOOing me because I let them know that’s what I was about. It was way too cool of an experience and even the other mechanics in the pits wouldn’t leave my own mechanics alone while they were trying to work. They told me it was by far the most popular bike in the pit and while walking to the pit. No one could believe that they were really made of bamboo! Even when warming up I could hear people talking about the bike, sitting right in the middle of all the other Americans warming up. My top results were 19th the first day here in Namur, 42nd at the Zolder World Cup, and 25th my last day in Baal.


One of only a handful of riders to scale “The Wall” during the CO State Championships, Skyler wowed the crowd.


Having raced in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany, and Canada myself when I was between 17 and 20 years old, I understand how brutal the European racing style is.  It’s a cutthroat, no-holds-barred cage match.  To get these kinds of finishes, or to even finish at all…let’s just say I’m stoked to see how he benefits from it and finishes out the season these next four weeks.


If you’re in Madison on week from this weekend, Skyler will be taking on the top under-23 ‘cross racers in America.  He took an impressive sixth place last year, his second year as a U-23, and he’s aiming for the podium this time.  His 50min race starts at 1PM on Saturday, January 12th.  Skyler aims to be the 2013 Cyclocross Collegiate National Champion!  That race, in which he took 2nd last year, is at 10:30AM on Sunday, January 13th.  Make sure to shout “BOOOOOOOOO!” from the top of your lungs, and of course check out his bikes before/after!