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August 11, 2016

Bikepacking the Great Divide

by Drew Haugen

Bikepacking From New Mexico to Canada along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Words and Photos by Mat Thompson Edited by Drew Haugen   In January of 2015 I decided I wanted to try out a fat bike. A close friend had just purchased one, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I rolled into a … Read More »

The Road to Leadville

July 21, 2016

The Road to Leadville

by Drew Haugen

  Words by Conrad Tapia Edited by Drew Haugen   The Leadville Trail 100 MTB–every mountain biker’s dream, right? 2016 would be the year to scratch Leadville off my bucket list, assuming I could get into this race that always sells out… So after a discussion with my fiancé and taking a night to sleep on it, I entered the … Read More »


June 8, 2016

Dirty Disqualification

by Nick Frey

A man’s reputation…I’ve always been lucky enough to have mentors impress upon me the importance of mine. Recently, you may have heard I was disqualified from a major cycling event that I’ve done twice and loved: the Dirty Kanza 200.  It is one of the most challenging sporting events in which I’ve participated, and while it’s not a “governed” race … Read More »


April 4, 2016

Everything you Want to Know About Harvesting Good Bamboo, and More

by Drew Haugen

Boo master craftsman James Wolf discusses the lengths to which he and his team go to produce frame-worthy bamboo tubing. Where does the bamboo grow, and what kind is it? The younger plantation is on land that we own and currently supplies our chain stays and seat stays. Specification for these parts is hard-to-find, so it’s good that we are growing our own. … Read More »

Guest Blog: Bamboo Through the Ages

January 22, 2016

Guest Blog: Bamboo Through the Ages

by Drew Haugen

By Reese Ruland (@reeseruland) My childhood home, situated on a large corner lot, had your typical single family four-bedroom, three-bath layout.  And, as is the case with most suburban neighborhoods, there were likely ten or more similar houses scattered throughout the neighborhood.  But ours had one glaring difference from the rest: the yard. Off to the side of the house, … Read More »


December 22, 2015

Catching up with the Champ

by Drew Haugen

Team Boulder Cycle Sport / Yogaglo standout and reigning Fat Bike National Champion Amanda Miller talks World Cups, frites, and tackling gnarly Euro-ruts. What has been the highlight of your awesome cyclocross campaign so far this season? The Valkenburg World Cup, for sure.  I was terrified by the course and some of the technical sections on my initial pre-ride.  But to … Read More »


December 11, 2015

Meet KK

by Drew Haugen

When did you start racing bikes?  I started racing when I was about 13. A good friend of my brother had been a cyclist and had found out about a developmental program for kids that existed in Louisville.  My brother decided to take a break from running and gave cycling a chance.  He fell in love with it, and eventually … Read More »


October 16, 2015

The Zen of Woodworking with James Wolf

by Drew Haugen

Boo co-founder and master craftsman James Wolf talks ninja swords, Japanese joinery, and the Zen of handcrafting natural materials. – When did you start building things? When I was about 6. What did you build? I did woodworking, boat building, mechanical stuff.  Building stuff and making stuff at summer camp.  We’d wake up and we’d go fix and ride mini … Read More »

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August 13, 2015

Adventures in Bikepacking: Overnight of Timber Trail

by Drew Haugen

Words and images by Adam Blake One of my favorite overnights is climbing to the top of Timber Trail in Lory State Park.  The route is challenging, forcing you to hike, bike, and trudge your way to the top.  The entire trip is about 35 miles and has about 3,000 ft of elevation gain; 2600 up to the top.  I’ve … Read More »

Meet Vijay

August 6, 2015

Meet Vijay

by Drew Haugen

  When did you start riding bikes? I started riding back in 2010.  As an overweight teenager, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle for the better. It all started when a buddy of mine invited me out for a mountain bike ride.  I reluctantly agreed, and after the 6-mile ride I felt like I was going to pass … Read More »