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How does a Boo RS-R feel while cruising on the road?  Silky, buttery smooth…until you stomp on the pedals.  The power input is rewarded immediately with a lively, snappy acceleration and an exhilarating top speed.


The Boo RS-R soaks up the roughest roads with aplomb, thanks to the vibration-eating lignin found between our Tam Vong bamboo‘s stiff fibers.  This miracle material has incredible bending stiffness coupled with excellent vibration damping, naturally.  With bamboo you can have your cake and eat it too.

While the road bike industry has been racing towards lighter-stiffer for over a decade, we recognize that a brilliant bicycle is not just light and stiff…it must also be smooth.  Smooth not just for comfort, but for handling like it’s on rails.

The RS-R soaks up imperfect road surfaces confidently and hooks up in corners and switchbacks unlike most other road machines on the planet.  It is truly unique and better.

Boo RS-R: An Unparalleled Ride Quality

Most hear “comfort” and think of a bike that is only good for long-distance touring. But the RS-R is designed to be an incredible race weapon.  Because the RS-R is lively and fast, but also corners with surefooted grace, it makes a fantastic criterium bike.  You can dive into your classic hourglass course and not skip a beat.  Some of the most treacherous courses in the U.S. have been eaten alive by the RS-R, while most other “light-stiff” machines skip and skitter through like walking on eggshells.

The RS-R’s bamboo is also unique because of its progressive stiffness, meaning it has a non-linear response to bending inputs.

Think about a progressive shock absorber—supple and light at the beginning for small bumps, then progressively stiffer for the big hits.  Our bamboo has an initial “give” to it that allows for incredible comfort and super-quick handling (flicking the front-end around is horizon-expanding).  But then get out of the saddle for a climb or an attack, and the RS-R is ready to go—total efficiency, and no resemblance to traditional “plush” bikes.

The RS-R is also designed with an eye towards the future.  Through years of testing, we have built a racing machine that is comfortable to ride day-in, day-out, as well as more durable than anything else made of carbon in the industry.  The RS-R is a long-term investment in both speed and comfort.

Because of this we use a disc-brake/rim-brake hybrid configuration on our stock frames.  That means you can run either road calipers or disc brakes, or start with the former and adopt the latter down the road.  The Boo RS-R can run big fat 28mm tires (measured width) for moderately-gnarly gravel roads during training or racing, absorbing that roughness that normally leads to skittish handling and allowing you to focus on your goals up the road, not the ground beneath you.

Is the Boo RS-R a miracle, a unicorn, a lie?  Absolutely not…it’s a revolutionary road bike that must be ridden to be understood.  Then you will see the light.



COMPLETE BUILDS$5,000-8,000+

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8 reviews for Boo RS-R Road Bike

  1. Fred

    Did my first “proper” ride on the Boo – the Rough Roubaix Classic, Harrison, VA. 92 miles with about 6900 feet of climbing; mixture of tarmac, gravel, and clay/dirt hard pack fire roads. Bike performed flawlessly.

    It is the quietest and most comfortable bike I have ever had. The characteristics of the bamboo really came out on the clay and hard pack descent. Bike just ate up the washboards. You feel the impacts but no “chattering.” Confidence inspiring.

    Also a fun little aside: had more people come up to me during the ride and ask about my bike than I ever had, which was fun. Thanks!

  2. Adam

    I took my Boo out for a quick ride this morning, and it was fantastic! Perfect fit. Definitely more agile than my current bike (Parlee), but I actually feel like it’s even more stable (if that makes sense). Looking forward to taking it down a good descent soon.

    The frame is beautiful and solid. The tiger paws came out just like I imagined. Really nice touch.

    Thanks again for all your work on this bike, and I’ll send you a pic in a couple months from the top of Mt. Ventoux!

  3. Daniel

    I love the Boo. I love it like a Ti bike or that custom Pinarello frameset I bought in 1985 with Columbus SLX. With that being said, I don’t ride my Ti bike or the Pinarello, but I have put over 1200 miles on the Boo so far.

    It took a few rides to forget the comfort and feel of the BMC that the Boo had replaced. Stiff as hell. This bike does everything I could ever ask of it. I mean everything. I am still getting PR’s and KOM’s on Strava and now with my invite to ZWIFT I may just hook the Boo up to that permanently.

    On a little different note – rear wheel has come out of the drop on load. I figure due to 130 spacing and my beastly abilities 😉 I just over-torque the QR skewer and haven’t had that issue since. I will say the water bottle boss on the seat tube stripped out really early and I epoxied it back in place.

    Other than that, nothing makes me happier than passing people up and down in any fashion on the BLOO, as we call it. Bike will never leave me and I show it off daily at the shop.

  4. Pat

    I just wanted to let you know I think my Boo is the fastest bike I have ever owned. It descends like a bat out of hell and climbs great.

    On rough roads it dampens the vibration so well I can’t even feel the surface change. All in all I’m so happy I bought the Boo.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks again.

  5. Eric

    Been riding the new Boo (my second RS-R) for over a week now, and I love it!

    All bikes should aspire to handle so well. Compared to my old Boo bike, I was looking for improved front shifting and braking, and the Shimano Di2 hydraulic braking system has been fantastic. Front shifting is quick and super reliable and effortless. Braking is also smooth, effortless, and powerful. I had to brake to a complete stop on a 18% grade descent yesterday to avoid a car on the road, and I didn’t break a sweat. I’m also descending faster since I can brake less often and later.

    Interestingly, the new Boo feels more agile than the old Boo. Part of it is not having any cable housing resistance. I think fork rake or head tube angle are different.

    Thanks for building up this bike so well. The wheels are fantastic.

  6. Eric

    The Boo was a great investment. The frame emerged from my crash entirely unscathed. Tragically, my Zipp bars were not so lucky. I replaced them with Easton bars, which I think are sturdier. I also replaced the saddle and my helmet.

    Two weeks later:

    After I’m all healed I get into another accident :(. A driver took a left turn right in front of me, and I collided into her SUV going about 24 mph. My shoulder is hurting, and I’m going to get it looked at tomorrow. I guess it could have been worse.

    The impact sheared the lower half of the fork right off, but the shop inspected the Boo frame and it’s fine.

    Three months later, after insurance paid for a completely new bike:

    Even better news is I got the new Boo built up. She’s a beauty! I’m in love with the ride quality again, especially after riding the Cannondale SuperSix the last couple months. It’s amazing how the Boo is stiffer, handles better, AND is more comfortable.

  7. Esteban

    “As the founder of Riders One, a cycling club that rides to promote issues of sustainability, I wanted to ‘ride’ the talk and see for myself if a frame made from a natural material like bamboo can perform as well or better than frame made of traditional frame materials. The answer to this question is absolutely!

    I ride and race on my Boo road bike and have been extremely pleased with the bikes performance. The Boo corners on a rail, is supple for the long haul, quick but not twitchy and the power transfer is phenomenal. Boo worked hard to ensure that my bike was set up to my liking and even though the company is small, the customer service is big.”

    Esteban Chavez, owner of Head High Creative, founder of Riders One, and Cat 2 racer

  8. Doug

    Head on collision with another cyclist in a blind corner on a bike trail.  Closing speed of approx. 30 mph; buckled the carbon fork and exploded the Continental tubular.  Bike and I cartwheeled into the underbrush. 

    Bike frame took full impact into the head tube via the fork, and survived without the slightest damage. 

    I have ridden the bike extensively since recovery from my injuries and can attest to the frame’s full stiffness and ride quality.

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