December 14, 2013

Here comes 2014: Boo is growing, and here is what is new!

by Douglas Ansel

In 2014, it will be easier to get your hands on a Boo like this RS-R.

In 2014, it will be easier to get your hands on a Boo like this RS-R.

With the new year almost upon us, changes are on the horizon for Boo. We have grown over the past few years and that is starting to have real effects on how we build bikes, what we offer, and how we interact with customers and dealers. Once a purely custom frame business, we moved into offering stock frames with our AluBoo line this fall. As we enter 2014, we will begin to offer stock Boo frames as well, which has helped us cut prices for some of the frames we offer in a time where bikes seem to get more and more expensive. At the same time, our custom business is getting more sophisticated than ever with a new partnership with ReTül. To cap it off, our website and the way customers and, increasingly, dealers can interact with us and place orders is changing for the better. We are excited about these developments and will stay focused on growing and deepening the unique experience we offer over the next year!

Get Your Boo Faster

We’ve heard it from all of our customers – Boos are great! But we know they have a downside – the ten week or more wait for your frame to arrive. This is changing in 2014 in a big way. For the first time, Boo will have an inventory of Boo and AluBoo frames in stock sizing sitting in Fort Collins waiting to ship out to customers and dealers. Stock sizing, you say? Yes, but don’t worry – we aren’t abandoning building frames custom tailored to your body and riding style. In order to better meet the demand from our customers and bring down the costs of Boos we are offering both stock and custom geometry frames. Stock Boo and AluBoo frames will now ship out within a week and full bikes will ship out within two weeks. If you order a custom frame, you will still have ten weeks to eagerly anticipate your new baby, but we all know that a little anticipation never hurt anyone.

Aluboo R1
In 2014, AluBoo and Boo framesets will be available in stock sizing and in inventory in Colorado for the first time.

Updated Pricing

Have you been considering a Boo, drooling over the craftsmanship and dreaming of a smooth ride, but found the price a little too much to stomach? This year, our prices are dropping as we streamline and expand our production process. These changes affect pricing on all Boo frames and the upcoming availability of AluBoo framesets in inventory will provide a second option if a full carbon and bamboo frame is a bit much to swallow.

In years past, we gave you a plethora of options when designing your Boo frame. Now, all stock Boo frames will be our highest end ones with a high modulus carbon fiber, press fit 30 bottom bracket, and oversized 49.6mm carbon head tube. The good news about this is twofold – you get the best frame we make and the price is coming down! Prices for the RS-R road frameset, RS-X cyclocross frameset, and MS-29er hard tail frame-only are now $2,995. Custom geometry is an additional $500, but there is a lot of value packed into that difference. Below are prices for the full line of Boo and AluBoo frame options.

  • AluBoo frame + fork: $895
  • AluBooyah fat bike frame: $695
  • Carbon fork for AluBoo or AluBooyah: $250
  • Boo RS-R, RS-X, RS-M29er frame: $2,995
  • Custom Boo RS-R, RS-X, RS-M29er frame: $3,495

Get A Perfect Fit With ReTül

When you order a custom Boo, you will now get a comprehensive professional level fit with a certified ReTül fitting specialist – a $300 value. What’s more, this fit will help ensure that your new Boo will fit like a glove and that you can rest at peace knowing every custom measurement will be just right for you. When you decide to order your custom Boo, we will set you up with a certified ReTül fit master. After a consultation and fitting with them, your fitter will work with Boo to finalize the proper custom geometry for your frame. From this point, all you have to do is wait! When your Boo arrives, your saddle and bar position will be dialed in to the millimeter. No fooling around with trying to get things to feel right, you can get straight to riding!

New Website, Ordering Process

Over the last year, Boo and AluBoo have had separate websites, and we’ve learned from each of them. The Boo website hosts our blog and is tied in seamlessly with our photo galleries, but it does not have the online ordering sophistication of the AluBoo site. This year, we are merging our sites and everything will be available through the Boo website. What does this mean for you, the customer or dealer? You will now be able to set up an account on our site and use it to manage your order(s). Boos and AluBoos will be together in one place and your interaction with us will be simpler, especially if you are a dealer.

AluBooyah fat bike in the woods.

The much awaited AluBooyah fat bike will be available in 2014.

Though things are changing, we will maintain the same focus on detail in both engineering and craftsmanship that you know us for. We hope you join us as we move into 2014 and the exciting path ahead.