Silver Rush 50: The Ooze & Next Time

July 14, 2014

Silver Rush 50: The Ooze & Next Time

by Nick Frey

Why do I still race bikes?  It started back in 2001…Lance Armstrong was winning his third Tour when I was doing my first road races through the cornfields of Iowa.  I’ve raced between 5 and 85 race days per year since then.  It’s been an epic journey, and I have always honestly said that really every good thing in my … Read More »

July 5, 2014

Fire Roads Are Boring – A Chat with Paul Tarter before Patapsco 100

by Douglas Ansel

Mountain bikers delight to ride singletrack – tight, technical, pounding, flowing singletrack. That narrow strip of dirt meandering through the trees and switchbacking up and climbs makes us feel alive, cut loose from civilization, and sometimes, like little kids playing out in the woods. But too much of a good thing can begin to hurt, and at mile seventy of … Read More »