August 12, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly at Leadville 100

by Nick Frey

Bike racing is a very difficult sport…but not for many of the obvious reasons like incredibly hard training, suffering, physical stress, and other aspects which are shared by many endurance pursuits.  Bike racing is tough because of the luck factor.   Luck is that elusive special ingredient which is on the side of every winner of a bike race.  You … Read More »

August 10, 2012

T-minus Twelve Hours to Leadville Trail 100

by Nick Frey

I have raced a bicycle of some kind for twelve consecutive seasons now.  That accounts for almost one half of my life.  I don’t get excited for most bike races.  There is a wild start, some attacks fly, some guys get a break rolling, things settle down, a long chase ensues, and then we see who’s wearing their big britches … Read More »